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The company provides mortgage, mortgage loans and other forms of financing services for the different economic types, small size range of enterprise. individual citizens. The business scope of the company includes: real estate and other real estate mortgage pawn; Personal property, property rights and other pawn pledge; Identification, evaluation and consultation services; Off when objects within the quota of sale and other business in accordance with the approved by the ministry of commerce. Among them, mortgage (pledge) items are including land, housing, shops, cars, stocks, bonds, finished goods and raw materials, watches, gold and silver jewelry, jewelry, jade and so on has certain value and the different types of negotiable.


Company address: (diagonally across of city's procuratorate residence)No.139 Shandong Road, Huangshan, Tunxi District, Huangshan, Chin

Telephone number: 0559-2129966 2129967 

Fax: 0559-2129960

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