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The company now has integrated incubation building, accelerator (standard factory), research and development center, testing center, talent apartment, such as infrastructure, has attracted a group of high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights into the hatch, industry related to software, electric cars, electronic information, new energy, new materials, biological engineering and cultural creativity and etc., is the national science and technology business incubators.

Address: (Yongjia high new park) No. 89,Meilin Avenue, Economic Development Zone,Huangshan,China

Telephone number: 0559-2556688  0559-2555288

Fax: 0559-2555299


QQ group of Huangshan science and technology business consulting: 219126919

Huangshan incubator official weibo:

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No.19 Huancheng North RoadHuizhou District,Huangshan,Anhui

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