The main production and operation of the company are plastic color printing composite flexible packaging materials, vacuum coating, multifunctional film and other high-tech products. The products are used in food, daily use chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, electronics, building materials, etc

The company currently is Chinese well-known trademark, national innovative enterprise top 100, Huangshan flexible packaging new material characteristic industrial base of national torch plan projects, state-level enterprise technology center, high and new technology enterprise, has a national post-doctoral scientific research workstation, national local joint engineering laboratory, first prize of Anhui province scientific and technological progress, Anhui flexible packaging materials engineering technology research center and other R&D institutions Anhui and 115 in Anhui province industry innovation team.

In 2013, Yongxin Shares (Huangshan) Packaging Co., Ltd was founded, which formed a "four-wheel drive" development pattern with the company's headquarters, Guangzhou Yongxin, Hebei Yongxin. 

Address: No. 668,Yongjia Avenue, Huizhou District,Huangshan,Anhui

Telephone number: + 86-559-3518020



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